AMC Plans For RO Water Purifier- All You Need To Know

Are you concerned regarding the safety of yourself and your family? Do you want to ensure the utmost safety of the water you drink? Then you must have already considered the impotence of a RO water purifier.

If you already have the best water purifier installed in your house, you must maintain it efficiently. Why? Read thoroughly to know more about the importance of RO maintenance and the best maintenance plans.

Every mechanical or electronic device requires regular maintenance and cleaning. This is also true for RO water purifiers. RO water purifiers consist of vital parts that require technicians’ attention at least twice a year.

This is because, upon regular use, the performance of water filters and RO membranes, and other specific parts tends to decline. The only way to increase productivity is to replace them by seeking help from a professional technician. But how can you contact a professional technician?

The best way to contact them is to search for water purifier servicing companies offering affordable AMC plans. There are numerous benefits of an AMC plan. But before that, if you are unaware of an AMC plan, here is all you need to know.

What Is An AMC Plan?

In the simplest term, AMC is an Annual Maintenance Contract typically done between the customer and the company that offers water purifier service. As the term suggests, it’s an annual maintenance contract that requires yearly renewal. The customer pays a certain amount against a year-long service in such a contract.

Opting for a water purifier AMC plan ensures you get all the servicing facilities whenever and wherever required at your convenience. Moreover, these experts are licensed and trained individuals who provide the best service and valuable advice on an efficient maintenance process. However, you will find numerous AMC service providers in your locality, but there are several things that you need to be conscious of while purchasing an AMC plan. All these are mentioned below.

Things to Ask Your Service Provider before Opting For an AMC Plan:

All the questions below will help you secure the best service and ensure everything is clear.

What Is The Total Period That The Plan Covers?

Although it’s an annual maintenance plan, it would be wise to discuss the dates between which your AMC plan will be active. The cycle of renewal of an AMC plan differs from one company to the other. Therefore it is always recommended that you discuss everything before moving forward with the plan.

Do The Company Offers Professional Training To The Technicians?

Before finalising your RO AMC plan, ask the company whether they provide special training to the technicians to enhance their expertise. You can only offer the responsibility of fixing your expensive water purifier to inexperienced or untrained individuals. Doing this will not only pose a risk to the machine’s longevity but will also jeopardise the safety of water intake.

What Are The Services That Are Included In The Plan?

Not all plans offer the same package of service. Some AMC plans only cover yearly servicing, while others might cover replacing other spare parts. Ask your service provider about all the services included in the plan.

Also, ensure no hidden charges are included in the plan. Generally, spare parts replacements are not covered under AMC plans, and the customer needs to pay extra charges. Discussing all these early would ensure clarity and understanding in the future.

How Much Do You Need To Pay In Total?

Ask your AMC service provider the total amount you need to pay to secure timely and convenient services. The cost typically varies with the inclusion of several customised services. Therefore if you need extra services, you can customise your plan according to your preferences. In that case, discuss the plan inclusions and the total cost.

Final Thoughts:

While investing in AMC plans, ensuring all the above aspects would help you to secure the best service at affordable rates. Moreover, an AMC plan offers numerous benefits: convenient and expert services, emergency visits, and efficient servicing at your fingertips. Another important benefit that you receive in an AMC plan is after-sale services.

Therefore you can contact them if you find any persisting problems in your purifier after servicing. Also, remember to check the customer reviews before making your final decision. Get the best help and secure pure drinking water at home or office with AMC plans!