Attires: Depiction of Personality and Sometimes They Are Camouflage

1. How attires communicate about personality:

Garments or attires are the sources of communication that convey about yourself to the Public.

Due to your choice and style of personal attire, People start to have preconception notions about yourself, your personality, confidence and the way you carry that dress. These attires not only communicate about yourself but in other ways, they are sources of providing camouflage to some people who want to disguise their original identity or even sometimes, they transparently tell about the personality but it all depends on what kind and what style of attires you are

choosing for yourself. So, In a nutshell, attires speak about the personality and attitude of a person. If the person wears good stylish dresses with good fabric, he feels more confident in public no matter what the huge crowd is. Some dresses are seasonal. The fashion for that dress remains for that particular season and that fashion never repeats. Some Fashions repeat after the years but some do not. They just come once and never come again. But some dresses are like that they remain throughout life.

2. Kinds of attire:

There are many kinds of attires. These can be formal, semi-formal or informal. Informal dresses can be worn at informal functions and celebrations like Birthday Celebration, Wedding anniversaries etc. However, formal dresses can be worn for Public functions and daily activities like doing jobs. Those who wear formal dresses are considered more competent and calibre for any vacant knowledge. It does not mean only the formal dresses are considered or the signals towards getting the high post anywhere. We cannot ignore that knowledge and education are essential for success.

3. Sari Elegance with Blouse:

All over the world especially in Asian Countries, People wear saris for formal functions. And to wear the sari elegantly, the blouse should look decent and elegant too.

A blouse’ elegance depends on the neckline, colour and the quality of the fabric too.

There are different types of blouses with different fabrics. However, most blouses are cotton stuff or silk stuff. Halterneck, Collar, Corset, cold shoulder blouse, Princess cut blouse, Strapless Blouse, Blouse with a full sleeve, Blouse with half sleeves, cutwork, u-neck blouse, sheer blouse and so on.

To enhance the beauty of ethnic dresses in Asian states, blouses play a crucial role. Keep this factor in mind that blouses not only be worn when you are wearing a saree for formal or informal functions but you can also wear blouses with pants.

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