Bluey Episode (Season 3, Episode 41)


Bluey and Bingo are playing at the beach when they see a stickbird. They are fascinated by this strange creature, and they decide to learn more about it.

Bluey and Bingo ask Mum to help them learn about stickbirds. Mum tells them that stickbirds are very special creatures. They are the only birds in the world that can build nests out of sticks.

Bluey and Bingo are determined to build their own stickbird nest. They gather up sticks and start building. But they soon realize that building a stickbird nest is not easy. The sticks are slippery and they keep falling apart.

Mum comes to help them out. She shows them how to choose the right sticks and how to weave them together. After a while, Bluey and Bingo finally finish building their stickbird nest.

Bluey and Bingo are very proud of their new nest. They sit in it and pretend to be stickbirds. They have a lot of fun pretending to be these amazing creatures.


  • Learning about new things
  • Teamwork
  • Perseverance
  • Imagination


This episode of Bluey is a great example of how the show teaches children about important life skills. In this episode, Bluey and Bingo learn about stickbirds, which are a real-life species of bird. They also learn about teamwork and perseverance when they build their own stickbird nest.

This episode is also a great example of how Bluey uses imagination to make learning fun. Bluey and Bingo pretend to be stickbirds in their new nest, which helps them to learn more about these creatures.

Bluey: Look, Bingo! It’s a stickbird!

Bingo: What’s a stickbird?

Bluey: It’s a bird that builds its nest out of sticks.

Bingo: Cool!

Bluey: Let’s go see it up close!

[Bluey and Bingo run towards the stickbird nest. They stop carefully a few feet away so as not to disturb the bird.]

Bluey: Be careful, Bingo. Stickbirds are very shy.

Bingo: (whispering) Okay.

Bluey: (whispering) Look, Bingo. The stickbird is sitting in its nest.

Bluey: I know! Let’s go ask Mum to teach us how to build our own stickbird nest.

Scene 2: Backyard

[Bluey and Bingo ask Mum to teach them how to build a stickbird nest.]

Bluey: Mum, can you teach us how to build a stickbird nest?

Mum: Sure, kids! I’d love to.

Bingo: Yay!

[Mum leads Bluey and Bingo to a nearby pile of sticks. They each choose a few sticks to work with.]

Mum: First, we need to find some good sticks. We want sticks that are strong and sturdy.

Building the nest

[Mum, Bluey, and Bingo sit on the ground and start to build the nest. They weave the sticks together, creating a sturdy structure.]

Mum: Be careful not to cross the sticks too tightly, or the nest will be too small for the stickbird.

Bluey: Okay, Mum.

Bingo: I’m trying!

[After a few minutes, the nest is finished.]

Mum: There we go! Our stickbird nest is finished!

Bluey: It’s beautiful!

Bingo: I can’t wait to see if a stickbird moves in!

Scene 4: Playing in the nest

[Bluey, Bingo, and Mum sit in the nest and pretend to be stickbirds.]

Bluey: (flapping her arms) I’m a stickbird!

Bingo: (squawking) Me too!

Mum: (laughing) You two are so silly.

Bluey: This is so fun!

Bingo: I know!

[Bluey, Bingo, and Mum continue to play in the nest, laughing and having fun.]

Narrator: And so, Bluey and Bingo learned about stickbirds and how to build their own stickbird nest. They also learned that it’s important to be careful when building a nest, so that it’s not too small for the stickbird. But most importantly, they had a lot of fun playing in the stickbird nest and pretending to be stickbirds.


This episode of Bluey is a fun and educational episode that teaches children about stickbirds, teamwork, perseverance, and imagination. It is a great episode for children of all ages.