Clashes Among the Mep Systems and Architectural Components 

Construction projects include both MEP systems and architectural components for their specific reasons. Building and installing them can be problematic. These can be helped with services such as electrical shop drawings. But it can be still troublesome and can lead to various problems such as different sorts of clashes between them. These clashes can be devastating for the project.

Some of the prominent clashes and their characteristics are the topic of discussion in the article.

What is a Clash Within Construction Projects?

Modern-day construction project constitutes a vast range of components to make them fully operational. All these components need to have their required space to fully function and perform the tasks. But as one gets in the space of the other to cause hindrance in any manner, this situation is called a clash. A clash can be between any two components of the whole project.

Any sort of clash no matter how small or how big, it can lead to some damage and undesired outcomes for the project. This outcome may be delayed or sudden. This article will discuss the possible clashes between MEP systems and architectural components within any possible construction project. 

Clashes Between MEP Systems and Architectural Components

Modern-day construction projects constitute different MEP systems and architectural components. All of these designs are within the overall space of the building and thus are very close. But their closeness needs to be handled properly to a safe distance while staying within the building. In the case, that this is disturbed it leads to disasters.

Some of the possible clashes, their location, and possible outcomes are:

  • Water supply and drainage pipes can come in contact with the walls, ceilings, or floors. Water pipes run through the building passing through the architectural components to properly supply water and take drained water from all the plumbing fixtures. These are very close to architectural components i.e., walls, ceilings, and floors. Thus, if they come in contact with them, it can damage both pipes and the architectural components
  • Heating and cooling pipes along with ducts are installed into ceilings. These carry the effect of cooling and heating the building. They are installed at a great margin with the ceiling but if they clash it leads to grave hazards due to damage to the pipes and ducts. This hazard at its minimum could mean the loss of the effect, while it can range to the point where the effect can lead to life-endangering conditions
  • Electrical wires in a similar way go along with walls and ceilings. These carry charges that are needed to be transferred to the desired destination safely and intact. But if they come in contact with either the wall or ceiling, they deteriorate over time and cause undesired situations. This includes loss of charge if the wires get grounded or spark and later fire if the charge comes into contact with itself as a result of deterioration
  • There are electrical and mechanical devices fixed to the walls and ceilings. Although these are not part of construction and are added later on, they too can result in clashes with the architectural component they are attached to. If any such a thing happens, it leads to damage to the concerned device. This only leads to a loss in terms of the replacement cost

These are some of the common clashes possible between MEP systems and architectural components in any construction project. Some of these are instant and can happen at any time and cause great catastrophe without any delay while others happen over time and slowly cause damage. Moreover, the damage differs as per the nature of the clash and the components involved. To conclude, this resulting danger depends on the situation. Nonetheless, any sort of clash does not end in the right outcome.


construction projects today include MEP systems and architectural components among other constituting components. To facilitate contractors and fabricators can have services such as plumbing shop drawings. Constructing these can lead to clashes in the project. These clashes can lead to undesired and disastrous conditions. The article discusses clashes regarding MEP systems and architectural components. The resulting conditions depend upon the nature of the clash.

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