Gonzo’s Quest Online Games Review

One of the most successful and popular NetEnt slots is Gonzo’s Quest. Embark on an adventure as the Spanish conquistador David Pizarro in this thrilling game set in the South American jungle, where treasures await in hidden indigenous cities. Unlike traditional slots, Gonzo’s Quest doesn’t feature spinning reels. Instead, the symbols fall into place. After each fall, the winning symbols explode, making room for new symbols while the multiplier increases. This unique gameplay mechanic can reward you with up to 5 times your initial bet in the base game, and an impressive 15x multiplier in the bonus game. With an attractive payout percentage of 96 percent, Gonzo’s Quest is an online video slot that offers ample opportunities to win big. It encompasses everything that makes a slot enjoyable: excitement and the chance to walk away with handsome prizes!

How does Gonzo’s Quest work?

In Gonzo’s Quest, you have the freedom to choose your wagering options. There are 20 paylines, and you can determine the number of coins to bet per line (level) as well as the coin value. The maximum bet is €50, which is 5 coins at €0.50 per payline. However, you can also play with smaller bets, starting from just €0.20 per game.

The game features seven different symbols, vibrant stones adorned with indigenous artwork. The highest paying stone awards 2,500 credits per bet level. For example, if you’re playing at level 5, that amounts to 12,500 coins. With a coin value of €0.50, this translates to a prize of €6,250. The stone with a question mark represents the Wild symbol.

While individual combination payouts may not be exceedingly high, Gonzo’s Quest becomes truly exciting when you can take full advantage of the Avalanche feature. Whenever you achieve a winning combination, the stones responsible for the win explode, causing the remaining stones to fall down, while new stones fill the empty spaces. This captivating feature is known as the “Avalanche.”

With each Avalanche, the multiplier increases. If you land another winning combination after the Avalanche, your winnings are doubled. And if you score another win after that, you can anticipate a 3x multiplier. The multiplier can reach a maximum of 5x. Therefore, even in the base game, Gonzo’s Quest has the potential to offer substantial payouts, thanks to the engaging Avalanche feature.

Bonus Game: Free Falls

The gleaming stone adorned with a shield-like emblem represents the bonus symbol. When three of these symbols cascade down the reels, you unlock the Free Falls bonus game, granting you 10 Free Falls.

The mechanics of these Free Falls are identical to the spins in the base game, but with a higher multiplier in play. You begin with a 3x multiplier, meaning all your winnings are multiplied by at least 3. For instance, five blue stones can yield up to a maximum of €31,250 per payline, instead of the previous maximum of €6,250.

The Free Falls can generate impressive payouts if you manage to achieve multiple Avalanches consecutively. With each Avalanche, the multiplier increases. The second Avalanche carries a 6x multiplier, while winning during the third Avalanche rewards you with 9x the regular payout. And from the fourth avalanche onwards, you’ll be playing with a 15x multiplier.

During these Free Falls, you have the potential to score up to a maximum of €93,750 per payline. Not only does multiple Avalanches offer substantial rewards, but it also adds an exhilarating level of excitement. However, it’s important to note that experiencing an Avalanche without any prizes means you’ll start from scratch once again.

What do we think of Gonzo’s Quest?

It’s completely logical and understandable why Gonzo’s Quest is one of the most played slots of all time. The gameplay, with its thrilling combination of Avalanches and escalating multipliers, is incredibly exciting and enjoyable. Each Avalanche keeps you on the edge of your seat, not only to see what you win but also to discover the multiplier for the next avalanche. And then, the anticipation builds for the upcoming avalanche…

After Gonzo’s Quest, the avalanche feature has been widely adopted in other slots, both by competitors and industry leaders. MicroGaming, one of NetEnt’s biggest rivals, even attempted to replicate Gonzo’s Quest. However, their attempt with Jungle Jim El Dorado fell short, resulting in a poorly executed imitation.

The undeniable charm and innovation of Gonzo’s Quest have left a lasting impression in the world of slots, influencing the design and features of subsequent games. It continues to captivate players with its engaging gameplay, rewarding potential, and overall entertainment value.

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