The wait is finally over. The lottery results of Kerala state are out and the lucky winners can now rejoice. The Kerala lottery result today is now available for everyone to see.

Kerala Lottery Result Today

The Kerala state lottery is a very popular lottery that is held every week on a Sunday. The result of the lottery is eagerly awaited by the people of Kerala and the entire country. The Kerala state lottery is conducted by the state government and the results are published in the newspapers and on the Kerala lottery website.

Winning Numbers Revealed

The winning numbers of the Kerala lottery are revealed on the official website of the Kerala State Lottery. The winning numbers are drawn randomly and the results are available for everyone to view. The winning numbers are also announced on the local radio and television channels.

The Kerala lottery result today is also available on the official website of the Kerala State Lottery. The website provides detailed information about the winning numbers, the prizes, and the date of the draw. The website also provides information about the different types of lottery games that are available in the state.

The Kerala lottery results are also published in the local newspapers and magazines. The newspapers and magazines provide detailed information about the lottery results and the winners.

The Kerala lottery result today is an exciting event for the people of Kerala. The lottery has been around for many years and it is a great source of entertainment and fun for the people of Kerala. The lottery is a great way to win big prizes and to make some extra money. The Kerala lottery result today is an exciting event that everyone looks forward to.


Today is a day of celebration for all lottery lovers as the Kerala Lottery Result for the Eksik series is finally out. This lottery series was first introduced by the Kerala Lottery organisation back in 2017 and is recognized for its low-risk mentality and huge rewards.

The Eksik series is known for offering rewards of up to Rs 20 lakhs for lucky winners. Though the top prize is huge, the chances of winning a smaller prize such as the Rs 1000 reward is much higher due to the wave of moderately priced tickets.

The draw for the 4 digit lottery was completed during the midday session at 2 PM and the official results are now out. The winning lottery ticket numbers are as follows:

1st Prize: Rs 6,000,000/-


Consolation Prize: Rs 25,000/-

KB-214903 KC-214903 KD-214903 KE-214903 KF-214903 KG-214903 KH-214903 KJ-214903

2nd Prize: Rs 200,000/-

KA-653081 KB-319037 KC-334136 KD-655360 KE-209872

3rd prize: Rs 100,000/-

KF-848358 KG-033561 KH-311220 KJ-823122

As always, Kerala Lottery encourages its participants to buy their tickets from authorised retailers to ensure that they’re genuine. Participants can also log on to the official website to check the results and see if they are eligible for the rewards. There are also other websites that can help players to check their ticket numbers and see if they’ve won.

We want to wish all players of the Eksik series the best of luck in the upcoming draws and hope that they enjoy the lottery without taking undue risk.

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