Ketubah Ritual: Who Can Sign and What Else You Should Know

The Ketubah signing ritual is a significant and sacred tradition in Jewish weddings. A man’s obligations to his wife are outlined in a marriage contract called the Ketubah. It also represents the couple’s dedication, harmony, and love for one another. The Ketubah also specifies the husband’s financial responsibilities to his wife, protecting her financial stability and well-being. 

Who can sign the Ketubah?

The Ketubah is typically signed by two male witnesses who are Jewish and are not directly related to the couple getting married. These witnesses must be of legal age and should be of sound mind to witness and sign the contract. The choice of male witnesses stems from traditional Jewish customs, but some modern Jewish couples may choose to have female witnesses as well.

Responsibilities of the witnesses

The role of the witnesses in the Ketubah signing ritual is crucial. They attest to the authenticity of the contract, ensuring that the document is legally valid and binding. The witnesses must sign the Ketubah before the wedding ceremony takes place. During the wedding ceremony, the Ketubah is often read out loud to the congregation, further emphasizing the witnesses’ role in ensuring that the couple and the community are aware of the marital obligations and commitments.

Legal aspects

While the Ketubah is a legally binding document in Jewish law, it does not necessarily hold the same legal weight in civil courts, depending on the jurisdiction. In some regions, couples may need to supplement the Ketubah with a civil marriage contract to meet the legal requirements of marriage.

Customs and traditions

The Ketubah signing is often a private ceremony attended by close family members and friends. It usually takes place before the wedding ceremony, sometimes during the Tisch (groom’s reception) or right before the Bedeken (veiling of the bride). The Ketubah is typically signed with a quill pen using traditional Jewish calligraphy.

Before signing, the witnesses will recite a declaration in Hebrew declaring the authenticity of the Ketubah and their commitment to upholding the couple’s responsibilities as stated in the agreement. The signing of the Ketubah is a solemn and joyous moment, and it is often accompanied by singing, blessings, and well wishes for the couple’s future together.

The Ketubah is then presented to the couple under the Chuppah (wedding canopy) during the wedding ceremony. It becomes a treasured gift for the couple after the wedding, signifying their unity and the commitments they have made to each other. 

In the context of a custom wedding Ketubah, the significance of the design and the text chosen by the couple holds profound meaning. The Ketubah is a lovely declaration of the couple’s love and devotion to one another in addition to being a legal document. The couple’s personalities, values, and cultural origins can be reflected in the Ketubah’s arrangement, artwork, and colors.

Couples have the wonderful opportunity to personalize their custom wedding Ketubah to make it truly represent the essence of their love and the unique bond they share. To find the ideal match that resonates with their relationship, they can pick from a wide variety of artistic styles, themes, and texts. While some might favor modern designs inspired by nature, some people might choose classic motifs with strong roots in the Jewish past. The words inscribed on the Ketubah can be deeply meaningful and carefully crafted to convey their promises, hopes, and dreams for their life together.

The Benefits of Customizing Ketubah Online

In the digital age, it has become easier than ever for couples to create and customize their Ketubah online. Some specialized websites and platforms offer a plethora of design options and text variations. Through these online resources, couples can collaborate with skilled artists and calligraphers to co-create a custom wedding Ketubah that speaks to the core of their love story.

By customizing their Ketubah online, couples can ensure that this sacred document becomes a cherished keepsake that reflects their journey and commitment to each other. As they exchange their vows beneath the Chuppah and sign the beautifully designed and personally meaningful Ketubah, it becomes a tangible representation of the promises they make on their wedding day, a lasting testament to their love that they can proudly display in their home for years to come.

A custom wedding Ketubah allows couples to infuse their love and personality into this significant document. By selecting the perfect design and thoughtfully crafting the text, they can make their Ketubah a unique and meaningful symbol of their everlasting commitment. With the convenience of online customization options, this treasured piece of art can be a true reflection of the love they share, carrying their union forward into the future.


In conclusion, the Ketubah signing ritual in Jewish weddings is a meaningful and symbolic tradition that represents the love, commitment, and responsibilities of the couple. The witnesses play a critical role in ensuring the document’s validity, and the Ketubah itself serves as a beautiful reminder of the couple’s bond and promises throughout their married life.

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