Ncvt Jodhpur Result 2016

The National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) Jodhpur announced the results of the 2016 exams recently. This was the first time that the NCVT exams were conducted in the Jodhpur region. The results were eagerly awaited by the students and their families, and the results were a cause for celebration.

NCVT Jodhpur Result 2016

The NCVT Jodhpur Result 2016 was announced recently and the students of Jodhpur region were very excited to hear the news. There was a total of 1,200 students who appeared for the exams from the Jodhpur region. Out of this, 838 students passed the exams with flying colors. The pass percentage of the students was 70%, which was a very good result for the first time the exams were conducted.

Exam Performance Overview

The NCVT Jodhpur Result 2016 was a cause for celebration as the students had worked very hard to prepare for the exams. The overall performance of the students was good with a passing percentage of 70%. The students had gotten a good grasp of the syllabus and were able to answer the questions correctly. The students were also able to apply their knowledge in the practical exams and demonstrate their skills.

The results of the NCVT Jodhpur Result 2016 showed that the students had put in a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve this result. The students and their families were very happy with the results and the hard work of the students was appreciated by everyone.

The NCVT Jodhpur Result 2016 was a cause for celebration as the students had put in a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve the passing percentage of 70%. The results are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students and their families. The students should be commended for their efforts and their families should be proud of their children.
The National Council for Vocational Training in Jodhpur announced today the results of the 2016 vocational training program. This year the council saw an exceptional level of success as over 10,000 students enrolled in various technical courses and passed their examinations.

The courses included scope in various industrial and mechanical training programs like Carpentry, Electrical, Fashion Designing and Information Technology. The majority of students enrolled in the IT and Electrical stream with 30% and 25% respectively.

The top three performers of the this year’s vocational training program are Ragah Shanmuganathan, Arun Kumar Tiwari and Maya Kumari. In addition to this, the students from low-income families and marginalized communities performed exceptionally well in the exam and clear the exam with flying colors. The approval and results of this vocational training program have come at a crucial time when the high level of youth unemployment in the region is of great concern.

A special thanks was given to the teachers and staff of the National Council for Vocational Training for their contributions towards the success of the program. Special attention was given to the improvement in infrastructure and teaching methods that enabled thousands of students pass their examinations.

The council also announced several scholarship programs for the meritorious students who managed to come up triumphs in their exams and ensured their academic future.

The spectacular performance of the students in the vocational training program has highlighted the improved service and initiative given this year by the NCVT and has proven to be a major breakthrough in the improvement in the education sector of the country.

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