Raja Rani Bhutan Lottery Result Today

The Raja Rani Bhutan lottery is a popular draw that takes place every Tuesday and Saturday. This lottery is known for its generous prizes, including cash and luxury items. Today’s draw revealed some interesting results, with several lucky winners taking home some big prizes.

Raja Rani Bhutan Lottery Results

Today’s draw saw a total of 8 lucky winners from across Bhutan. The first prize was won by a ticket holder from Thimphu, who won a whopping Rs. 10 lakhs. The second prize was won by a ticket holder from Punakha, who won Rs. 5 lakhs. Other winners included those from Bumthang, Lhuntse, and Trashigang, who won Rs. 2 lakhs each. The remaining winners were from Wangdue and Mongar, who won Rs. 1 lakh each.

What Today’s Draw Revealed

Today’s draw revealed that the prizes for the Raja Rani Bhutan lottery can be quite generous. The first prize winner won Rs. 10 lakhs, while the second place winner won Rs. 5 lakhs. The remaining winners won Rs. 2 lakhs, Rs. 1 lakh, and other prizes. It also showed that the lottery is open to players from all over Bhutan, with winners coming from different districts.

Overall, today’s draw of the Raja Rani Bhutan lottery revealed some interesting results. There were several lucky winners who took home some generous prizes, proving that the lottery can be quite rewarding. For those looking to win big in the lottery, the Raja Rani Bhutan lottery is certainly worth a try.

Raja Rani Bhutan is a nationwide lottery played in Bhutan. Players have the chance to win huge prizes when they enter the lottery. This year, the lottery has an even bigger prize pool than ever before, offering over ₹1 crore in prizes. Today, players are finding out the results of their ticket draws.

The Raja Rani Bhutan Lottery is operated by the Bhutan Lottery Company, a subsidiary of the Bhutan National Bank. Every week, two draws are held. Players buy tickets from authorized outlets in Bhutan and enter the 8-digit ticket number on the lottery website to check the results.

The first prize in the lottery is ₹1 crore. To win the first prize, players must match the 8-digit numbers on their ticket with the 8-digit number drawn in the draw. Other prizes include a number of minor prizes such as 10 cars, 10 mobile phones and 10 computers.

The results of the Raja Rani Bhutan lottery draw are out and the first prize winner has been announced. The lucky winner has won ₹1 crore and is overjoyed with the result. The second prize winners have won 10 cars, 10 mobile phones and 10 computers.

At the same time, the official website of Raja Rani Bhutan Lottery has released the details of the winning ticket numbers. The winning numbers can be checked online and are updated daily. Players who have won in the lottery can claim their prizes by presenting the winning tickets along with valid ID proof. All unclaimed prizes will expire after a fixed period of time.

Players can take part in the Raja Rani Bhutan Lottery by buying tickets from authorized outlets in Bhutan. Prizes are awarded to the winners in a timely manner and players can get more information about the lottery on their official website. So don’t miss out on your chance to become a winner. Good luck!