The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Jewelry Chain Collection

Jewelry is an essential accessory that says a lot about your personal style and fashion sense. Whether you’re an experienced jewelry buyer or a beginner, building your collection takes time and detail-oriented thinking.

Luckily, many different types of jewelry chains will help you find your perfect fit! Here are a few tips to remember when choosing your next piece.

The Basics

As a jewelry collector, it’s essential to understand that the value of a piece goes beyond its dollar valuation. The coveted pieces you’re drawn to infuse your collection with are more than just an accessory — they’re personal treasures that commemorate milestones, accomplishments, and memories.

Rather than wait for a loved one to gift you your dream jewelry, take the initiative and plan out your curated collection. With the right mix of investment jewelry and signature pieces, your cherished capsule will serve as an authentic reflection of your style.

Begin your capsule with simple classic jewelry pieces like gold hoop earrings or silver hoops that easily transition from day to night and pair well with any outfit. From there, consider adding a personalized signature necklace that can act as your defining touch to set your collection apart from the crowd. The right bespoke design will instantly add personality to your everyday look and become the go-to piece you’ll reach for repeatedly.

The Accessories

As with any fashion wardrobe, there’s also a need for timeless pieces to add polish and a sense of purpose to the collection. These are the classics that transcend trends and stand the test of time.

Consider classic gold chains, oxidized sterling silver hoop earrings, or sleek lariat necklaces in a range of lengths to add versatility to the collection and compliment all necklines. And remember to complete the look with a simple yet stylish watch. A good quality watch doesn’t just keep you on time and makes your jewelry box feel polished and ready to go.

Building a jewelry collection takes time and patience to build a well-rounded selection of timeless pieces, including engraved rings online, that will work with your outfits, but it’s worth the effort.

The Essentials

Like a wardrobe staple, your jewelry collection should start with a bedrock of essential styles that are timeless, versatile, and very possibly imbued with sentimental meaning. Whether shopping for yourself or seeking to treat a loved one, these pieces elevate a day-to-day outfit and add a pop of personality to your style.

Once you’ve covered your foundational studs, cuffs, and necklaces, it’s time to add some bold styles. A bold bracelet can perfectly complement a sleek leather jacket or a crisp button-up, while a long wrap-around necklace with stations can give any LBD an instant upgrade.

And remember to add some mix-and-match rings. Look for varying lengths, textures, and metal types to create an eclectic stack that will shine or complement your other signature pieces.

The Statement Pieces

Once you’ve mastered necklace layering, bracelet stacking, and ear curating, it’s time to move on to the statement pieces that stand out. Whether it’s an eye-catching necklace that will draw attention to your face or a bold ring with a personalized touch, these pieces are the ones that will make your jewelry collection feel genuinely your own.

When styling these more extensive accessories, keeping your outfit in mind is essential. If your statement piece is too bold, it can overwhelm the rest of your look and give off a clumsy finish. However, pairing it with classic jewelry earrings and a delicate bracelet will allow the statement piece to shine.

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