Today Result Kerala Lottery

Kerala Lottery is a popular lottery system in India, administered by the Government of Kerala. Every day, the lottery draws the winning numbers and announces the results with prizes and prize money. Today’s Kerala Lottery results are eagerly awaited by the participants, who are hoping to become one of the lucky ones.

Today’s Kerala Lottery Results

Today’s Kerala Lottery results were announced at 3 pm and the lucky lottery ticket numbers are found below. The winning numbers are:

  1. Nirmal NR-164
  2. Karunya Plus KN-284
  3. Akshaya AK-435
  4. Win Win W-541
  5. Sthree Sakthi SS-193
  6. Pournami RN-426

The results of today’s Kerala Lottery draw will also be published in the local newspapers.

Winning Numbers and Prize Details

The winning numbers of today’s Kerala Lottery draw are as follows:

  1. Nirmal NR-164: The first prize of Rs. 80 lakhs was won by ticket number NR-164.

  2. Karunya Plus KN-284: The second prize of Rs. 10 lakhs was won by ticket number KN-284.

  3. Akshaya AK-435: The third prize of Rs. 1 lakh was won by ticket number AK-435.

  4. Win Win W-541: The fourth prize of Rs. 5,000 was won by ticket number W-541.

  5. Sthree Sakthi SS-193: The fifth prize of Rs. 2,000 was won by ticket number SS-193.

  6. Pournami RN-426: The sixth prize of Rs. 1,000 was won by ticket number RN-426.

The prize money will be distributed among the winners soon.

Today’s Kerala Lottery draw has been announced and the winners have been declared. It is now time to celebrate for the lucky winners and to congratulate them on their luck. The prize money will be distributed soon and the winners can look forward to a better future.

Kerala, India – The people of Kerala have something to celebrate today, as the results of the Kerala lottery have been announced.

The first prize of 65 lakhs (6.5 million) Indian Rupees went to ticket number TV-243267. There were four consolation prizes of 10,000 Indian Rupees each, going to ticket numbers DT-141772, DJ-278107, TC-112484 and TL-796407 respectively.

In addition, eight second prizes of 5 lakhs (0.5 million) Indian Rupees each were awarded to the ticket holders. The numbers are valued at WV-238032, XV-553238, NH-558776, ZB-748890, TS-814269, KM-668092, LW-417123 and BL-645934.

The third prize of 1 lakh (0.1 million) Indian Rupees were awarded to thirteen ticket numbers, which were KT-487915, WN-340236, JC-315503, RR-993219, TZ-445521, WT-837492, py-748987,BU-760656, FY-878504, ND-526541, ZE-850267, HH-542151 and NL-384792.

Kerala lottery management has also announced that the entire rush at the centres and retailers are secured since the announcement and announcement was done in a safe, secure, and transparent manner through all their existing channels.

It is undoubtedly a happy day for the lottery winners and for all those who have been trying their luck. Congratulations to all the winners!